Nothing changes more slowly than the construction industry, and with concrete in use since Roman times its clear that foundations are the slowest change of all. New technology is finally taking hold in many building products as energy efficiency and performance take center stage and SICS faster, better, and easier is now available for the foundation of your project.

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Mark C

Mark is an original developer of the Polycore Building System in 2003 that brought this type of structural insulation to the builder market. After expanding into related manufacturing businesses and seeing the core products pushed to the background, he refocused on the systems and founded S I Construction Systems in 2016

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Building 800 sq ft house in spring.
Est. cost of no concrete floor fob Edmonton
Thanks George

Thanks for the inquiry. Budget price for the floor is $5 per sq ft, and no need for Radon rock so thats a saving as well. Can I estimate your foundation and main floor walls with our system? You can contact me direct and send any sketches or plans to me at Thanks!

Hey Mark looks like great idea, Few questions I am building a 2000 sq home in the spring and was wondering price per sq for foundation walls. Also am I able to back fill before framing ? Or must it wait till framing done ?
And can I install myself as I am jack of all trades master of none? Thanks Carey

Thanks Carey. It’s an established idea as well, since 2003 we have manufactured over 1000 projects. Would be best if you contacted me to discuss pricing as I need a few more details to give you relevant numbers. We can discuss the process as well, however it is certainly a product that you can install yourself. I can be reached at our Edmonton office number of 780-450-2584 or by direct email to Thanks for the interest! MarkC

We will be building 1600 sq.ft. shop with a basement and were wondering if we can use your products for the basement.
Thank you


Is this producr just for foundations or is it also wall and roof systems?

We offer foundations without concrete, basement slabs without concrete, and above grade walls for residences, shops, and commercial buildings. We can insulate commercial roofs, but do not make roof systems for new buildings. Drop me an email on what your project is and we can discuss some specifics if you like Thanks for the interest, have a Great Day!

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