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SIC Systems integrate structure and insulation into pre-designed and pre-cut building sections that can be handled without special lifting or placement equipment, while still retaining cost effectiveness for residential and commercial projects. Your project will require less time, less funding, and less hassle and still finish with a higher quality and longer lasting structure. Simply put, SIC Systems are a faster easier, and better way to make your dream project a reality.

  Efficiency & sustainability

Efficiency is a core commitment of our systems, provided in reduced time and processes of installation as well as increased performance and energy savings over the life of the structure, and without sacrificing sustainability. Our EPS and steel system components are recognized for low resource input at production, long life cycle in project use, and high recyclable ratings. Better materials with longer lives that use less energy to create and maintain, completely recyclable. It really is that good.

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Advanced and improved from the original Polycore System, the new SI (Structural Insulation) Construction System replaces traditional concrete or ICF type foundations in residential projects. The structural capacity of the system is provided by engineer chosen galvanized steel studs integrated into EPS (expanded polystyrene) sections designed to achieve R28 to R60 effective R-values for optimum energy efficiency.

 | Products

Commercial Walls

SICS Commercial Wall Systems provide a single install of structure and insulation meeting the design needs of your curtain, infill, or load bearing envelope.

Residential Foundations
Energy efficient standard Polycore Foundation under constuction

SICS Foundations use no concrete except the footing. Easily installed, structurally designed for your specific project needs with selectable R28 to R60 effective insulation.

No-Concrete Floors
No-Concrete Basement Floors

SICS No-Concrete Floors eliminate residential basement slabs. Already insulated, warm with or without in floor heat, and with integrated Radon mitigation. A better floor for less.

Multi-Family and Low Rise

SICS Multi-Family provides envelopes for low rise, condos, town homes, apartments and more. We offer curtain, load bearing, or infill walls from footings to structural roofs.

Full Homes

SICS Full Home packages are created from YOUR plans. Our envelope provides the best shell for your home, footing to roof, including basement floors and attached garages.

Speciality Systems
Specialty Systems

SICS Specialty Systems include re-roofing, insulated skirting, boat docks, ice fishing shacks, concrete floor forms, grade walls, column wraps, and more. Something else? Just ask.


Feature Project SICS- 1025 – 14 unit Townhomes in Ft. Saskatchewan AB September 2017

A new client contracted SICS to work with EFG Architects of Edmonton to convert existing 3-plex and 4-plex designs of a four-building (14 unit) townhome project to use the complete SIC Envelope from footing to roof, including the No-Concrete White Floor system. The project began in August 2017 with the first of four buildings erected by crew unfamiliar and new to the system but experienced in wood framing and multi-level projects.

Targeting a 100 Year Lifespan

Our systems use structural and insulation elements know and proven for over five decades to the industry, but combines them with a new approach to design and installation- to promote their properties. 

 | Testimonials

Garret B.

“I choose the SIC Foundation wall product for two main reasons. The first is the high R-value ‘out of the box’ without any additional insulation installation required, and the second is the ease with which the product can be installed. Because there is no concrete, it was easy for myself (handy but no means experienced) to install the product with the help of one additional person.

The product was easy to install instructions were clear and precise and the final results look great. Will recommend this product, and would use it again.

Calgary Alberta May 2017

 Joanna W.

“We were looking to build an energy efficient modern open concept house on small river valley lot in Rossdale during winter time when we came across the SIC System. The use of the SIC walls made sense and the price was on par with other systems we were looking at. Mark was a pleasure to work with and addressed any of our concerns and questions. My contractor hired framers to put up the system and they found that it was quite logical to work with.  The house we built was not your typical A frame or box house but any issues that we had, Mark was on site to help us work it out.

We would definitely consider using the product again in the future and would definitely recommend the system to anyone looking for an alternative to traditional stick builds. “

Edmonton AB July 2017

Mathew K.

“We decided on SIC flooring system because of the competitive cost and the great R-value it provides. I personally installed the flooring system with Mark and found it to be very easy. A 950 square foot basement was complete in half a day.

I’m a big fan of the final product since my basement floor doesn’t feel like a typical basement. Much less heat is lost compared to a concrete basement floor and therefore makes the space feel no different than any other room in the house. I would definitely use this product again and recommend it to others. “

Edmonton AB Aug 2017


Living Off the Grid

SIC Wall systems provide high R-Value for efficient homes. This Spring 2019 build has R28 Bungalow and upper floor walls. The exterior is pre-strapped for installation of cement board planking, The metal roof is pre-angled for a solar panel array to provide off-grid power. Built on grade, the main level uses the SIC R-Floor instead […]

Commercial Buildings and Shop Walls Systems

The adaptability of SICS commercial walls allow them to meet the needs of most commercial projects, choosing from or combining structural, curtain, or infill walls to provide the optimum performance with the minimum installation and field time before lockup.

Insulated Residential Foundations Without Concrete

Nothing changes more slowly than the construction industry, and with concrete in use since Roman times its clear that foundations are the slowest change of all. New technology is finally taking hold in many building products as energy efficiency and performance take center stage and SICS faster, better, and easier is now available for the [...]

Expanded Polystyrene is Everywhere

And it should be. But hear me out before you send the hate mail. You'll likely think I'm talking about Styrofoam - which is in fact incorrect - as Styrofoam is the trademark name for the extruded polystyrene (XPS) blue sheet product manufactured by Dow through a chemical foaming process that uses a number of [...]

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