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Mark C

Mark is an original developer of the Polycore Building System in 2003 that brought this type of structural insulation to the builder market. After expanding into related manufacturing businesses and seeing the core products pushed to the background, he refocused on the systems and founded S I Construction Systems in 2016

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Hi Mark,
I built a couple of buildings with Polycore when you first started.
I just started exploring an above ground greenhouse for an acreage. I need a well insulated floor and a way to tie the building to the ground if the floor is not concrete. North half the building and roof will be insulated as well as 4 feet on the south side. Raised growing beds. Some way to use water for thermal mass if the floor is not concrete. Are you interested In discussing this. Affordability is a concern.

Don; good to hear from you. Yes we can certainly discuss, we should be able to come up with a couple options. I will send you a direct email with my contact info and you can call anytime. Thanks!
Mark C

I have an earth floor under my cottage. Local regulations do not allow for us to pour concrete.
I have levelled it and was going to have the spray foam guys come and seal the floor with me putting strapping over the foam afterward to lay a subfloor. Your system looks nicer and easier. By floor space is 28 ft by 16ft. 450 sq feet.. I live in Quebec. Is your product available here? 450 577 0673.

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