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Mark C

Mark is an original developer of the Polycore Building System in 2003 that brought this type of structural insulation to the builder market. After expanding into related manufacturing businesses and seeing the core products pushed to the background, he refocused on the systems and founded S I Construction Systems in 2016

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Hello, I am curious if you ship your product to the USA. Additionally, could you provide more information on a full house package with the non-cement basement? I am planning on building a vacation home in Washington state that will have a daylight basement and and additional two stories.

I look forward to hearing from you soon,


Matt Snook

Thanks for the inquiry Matt. Yes, we do ship to the US, have gone as far as New York state and still remained cost effective. Do you have any plans or even rough sketches of what you are looking to build? We can generally give you relevant budget numbers off anything that has a few basic dimensions indicated. Whether you’re at that stage or not, I do have further information I can hook you up with in some cloud folders. I’d need to do that in communication outside of the website reply system though. Could you send me your contact info direct to my email, sicsys1@gmail.com, and I’ll get you started with information on our whole house builds. I look forward to hearing form you, Thanks! MarkC.

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